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The Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko is the right choice for you. Whether facing misdemeanor, felony, or federal criminal charges; our experience and results are what you need.


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"You are under arrest..."
These words may cause fear, despair, or even panic. Once you have heard them you need to call the Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko. In order to combat the reasoning and forces behind these words you will need a lawyer who knows the criminal justice system, those involved in the system, the laws governing the system and the best way to remove you from the system as quickly and efficiently as possible. In short, you need the Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko.

Former Los Angeles County Deputy
District Attorney - Matthew M. Horeczko

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Matt was a pleasure to work with. We could not be any more pleased with the outcome of our daughter's case. She was facing a felony conviction and thanks to Matt had the entire case against her dismissed.

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The Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko were amazing. Matt was able to get things done quickly when others had told me it would be months. His office contacted me properly and filled me in on everything going on.



As a mother having my son face a criminal charge was terrifying. Matt made sure we understood everything that was happening and kept us out of Court. After working hard, Matt was successful having the charges dropped and the case reduced. 


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