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Client Testimonials

When I was arrested I was facing life in prison for attempted murder. I thought my life as I knew it was over. My family interviewed more than a few attorney's but Mr. Horeczko was the only one who came to see me in jail and talked to me. While he fought my case he came to see me almost every week. He spent more time than I thought anyone ever could working on my case and he fought harder than I had ever seen anyone fight. In the end, I came home to my family and did not spend the rest of my life in prison. I thank God every day that my family found the best lawyer in the world, Matt Horeczko.


I had known Matt and his family for some time before I needed his legal representation. He guided me along on a very unfamiliar road regarding very serious felony charges that I was very worried about. Matt kept a very confident and calming way about him that helped get me through a tough time. Because of his guidance and expertise, the felony charges of assault were dropped and I was able to see my daughter born. That has changed my life and I owe it all to my outstanding attorney, Matt Horeczko.

My daughter was falsely accused by another driver of colliding with his car and then driving away. All of the accusations were completely false, since no collision or accident ever occurred. Regardless, my daughter was subsequently charged with misdemeanor "hit and run" by the county district attorney. I spoke with a very prominent attorney who referred my family to Matthew Horeczko. After speaking with Matt, I knew that he would aggressively defend my daughter and prove her innocence. He prepared an outstanding defense, and the District Attorney agreed to drop the charges without going to trial. Thanks to Matt, my daughter was fully exonerated.

I have known Matt Horeczko for many years. I was shocked to have to call him on a professional level. I called him scared, confused and in serious need of an attorney. After meeting with Matt, I instantly felt confident about the case before me. I felt assured from the very beginning with Matt's professonal manner and extensive knowledge of the law, court and criminal justice system. His relationships with the District Attorney and judge was apparent in the courtroom: they both showed tremendous respect towards him. After a great deal of hard work on his part, Matt was able to have all of the felony charges against me dismissed. He is a man of great integrity who is not only dedicated to his work but his family as well.

After my initial meeting and speaking with Mr. Horeczko, I walked away reassured as well as knowing he was going to aggressively handle my case and wouldn't stop until we reached the best possible outcome. Throughout the entire process Mr. Horeczko displayed the knowledge, skill, and experience of an excellent attorney. My entire case was dismissed and I was able to get my life and family back. I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew Horeczko to everyone I know who needs a great attorney.

Matt was great. He could predict things that occurred with regard to my case and the legal system, which made me feel confident in his abilities. I would recommend him to my family and friends.

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