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Matthew M. Horeczko

Mr. Horeczko has been defending individuals charged with criminal offenses for nearly a decade and a half and represents clients in both state and federal criminal cases. In law school Mr. Horeczko began his emphasis on trial work as a member, and then Chairman, of the Trial Advocacy Program at Southwestern University School of Law. Prior to commencing his representation of those accused of criminal offenses, Mr. Horeczko prosecuted cases as a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles. Mr. Horeczko began his legal career representing law enforcement entities regarding internal investigations and officer involved shooting investigations.

The tenacity Mr. Horeczko brings in his defense of all his clients points in part to his background as a collegiate athlete. Mr. Horeczko graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of San Diego where he excelled as a defensive back and captain on the football team. The lessons learned on the football field - teamwork, leadership, tenacity, perseverance, hard work - all translate seamlessly into the work of excellently representing clients in court.

Mr. Horeczko's unique and diverse background and life experiences afford him the ability to communicate extremely well with clients, prosecutors, law enforcement and judicial officers, thereby facilitating excellent jury trial and pre-trial disposition results. Having a diverse background is also one of the reasons Mr. Horeczko can negotiate and argue cases so effectively.

A native of southern California, Mr. Horeczko was raised in, and attended school in, San Pedro before attending the University of San Diego. Mr. Horeczko maintains close contacts with members of the community in the San Pedro and Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor areas as well as members of the legal, business and community service communities in the area. Due to the excellence of the services provided, Mr. Horeczko's practice includes representation of clients throughout the state courts of California as well as the Federal Courts of the United States. Mr. Horeczko has also represented clients in the state courts of Nevada. When anyone seeks excellence in legal representation of a criminal matter, the one phone call that must be made is the Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko

Firm Overview

Aggressive, Thorough & Tenacious.

The Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko was created with one goal in mind, providing the most aggressive and vigorous defense in criminal matters with unparalleled emphasis on exceptional trial success. Our successes at trial and in plea negotiations are based upon a foundation of thorough preparation and an eye toward creativity in crafting defenses. Each and every aspect of the work of Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko is focused upon this goal.

In order to reach this goal we consistently focus on working with each client directly and closely on all aspects of their defense. In order to properly defend our clients we know we must work closely with our clients so that our clients are completely informed regarding their case and understand every facet of their representation as well as the charges they face and the criminal justice system as a whole as it applies to their case. This means our clients are completely informed of the charges they face, the direct and indirect consequences of the charges, the possible defenses and weaknesses in their case and the process through which we are proceeding together as a whole. In order to comfortable ensure this level of understanding we always keep lines of communication open and meet with our clients at all stages of their case and make ourselves available to discuss any part of their case. We know that you are also a vital resource in the defense of your case and we work to develop a relationship that draws on this resource to your benefit. Through this working relationship based on trust and respect, coupled with our experience and excellence in practice, we truly are the most formidable legal defense team for you. Furthermore, we always take the time to answer your questions, discuss your concerns, inform you of your options and explain our plan of attack, during office hours, after hours, when you need the time.

We also provide each of our clients with the highest level of professionalism in our relentless pursuit of the best outcome for each. We know that each client's case is unique and each client is unique. Many of our clients face not only the potential direct consequences of the criminal charges such as prison or jail time, probationary terms and fines and fees for example, but also other consequences. These consequences range from loss of licenses for our clients working in the medical, legal or financial fields to the potential loss of employment or employment opportunities, privilege to drive a motor vehicle and other consequences including immigration.

When you or a loved one needs representation in a criminal matter, make the one call you need to make, call the Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko.

Contact Matthew Horeczko about your legal matter today!

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